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Boiler service from 90.00 + VAT. Call or email our team now for a costing.

Plumbing companies in London and especially in Central London, vary considerably in quality of customer service and quality of workmanship. You may be surprised to know that along with several reputable and high quality plumbing companies in London, many sharpshooters, rouge plumbers, cowboys and con men roam the Central London areas in search of easy victims and try to defraud them. In these days of tough economic conditions prevailing in the United Kingdom and city of London, you simply cannot afford to squander your money on such tricksters.

This makes it mandatory on your part to verify the veracity, reliability and quality of the plumbing companies in Central London and its main areas like City of London, Westminster, inner areas of Camden, Chelsea, Kensington, Lambeth, Southwark, Hackney, Islington and Tower Hamlets, Finsbury, Holborn, St. Marylebone, parts of St. Pancreas, Paddington, Shoreditch, Bermondsey and Stepney.

At 24hour-plumberslondon.co.uk, we strongly oppose such unscrupulous activities and ensure that all our engineers and technicians are not only qualified to the highest standards, are Gas Safe registered, but we also ensure they have a trustworthy background. We select our personnel after thorough scrutiny of their qualifications, past experience, work attitude, relationships with customers and their compulsory registration with Gas Safe for assured certification of their work quality and compliance with legal regulations prevailing in the United Kingdom. We also make sure that our personnel are well-versed in all aspects of plumbing and HVAC installation, maintenance and repair works. We insist on integrity and open approach with our engineers and technicians. This approach has helped us build up our reputation as one of the best, and trustworthy plumbing companies in Central London.

We do not discriminate between small and big work assignments in plumbing. In our eyes, all customers deserve equal treatment, whether their present requirements are minor or major. Hundred per cent customer satisfaction is the sole motivation that drives us and we do not shy away from any job, irrespective of the complexity of the plumbing work required. In fact, we welcome challenges in our plumbing and HVAC installations, maintenance and repairs and prove that our engineers and technicians can work under even the most demanding conditions and excel in their jobs, satisfying our customers completely.

One important point that most people in London and Central London ignore is that high quality service always comes at a price. Whether you select us or not, we always encourage our customers to obtain estimates from at least 3-4 “Gas Safe” registered, reputable and reliable plumbing companies in Central London. If a plumbing company is quoting you very low rates, you should immediately be suspicious of such plumbing companies as it is common knowledge that is the price is too good to be true, then in most cases, it is too good to be true.

Cheap estimations usually result in sub-standard work and you will end up having to pay a registered plumbing company like us to rectify the shoddy work executed by such unscrupulous plumbing companies.

In fact, the use of poor quality workmanship coupled with low standard materials, sometimes even second-hand materials, can, and most likely will, lead to a high risk of gas leakage, serious pipe bursting, boiler blow-ups, which could be fatal. Some plumbing companies in Central London and in the greater London area show a high disregard for peoples safety when they supply such low standard of workmanship. Plumbing is a very specialised area and if it is not carried out correctly, especially work on gas boilers, it can lead to serious injury or even death.

You should protect yourself and your family members from such unwanted risks by only using reputable plumbing companies in Central London with your best interest at heart. 24hour-plumberslondon.co.uk is such a company. We can assure you that we always provide the highest standard of workmanship to all our valued customers. You need look no further in your search for quality assured plumbing companies as your search ends here.