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Heating services for homes and commercial buildings vary from blowing hot air through ducts to under floor heating systems. Each type of heating system has its own merits and disadvantages. In general, the following heating systems are some of the more popular types of heating services.

- Hydronic or hot water baseboard
- Steam Radiant
- Forced Air
- Radiant Heat
- Geothermal

Out of these systems, the most common home heating method is Hydronic heating system, which is a combination of heating a space through convection and radiation. Water is heated by a boiler (either gas-fired or oil-fired) and the hot water generated by the boiler is distributed to all parts of the home through pipes. The heat in the water is radiated into each room by cast iron radiators, mostly used in old systems. Steel radiators and ‘fin tubes’ or baseboard converters are used extensively in newer homes. After the radiator or the baseboard converter fin-tubes are heated with the help of the hot water from the boiler, the water returns back to the boiler in order to continue the circulation loop. Along with radiators placed on walls, the hot water from the boiler is also used to heat the floors through in under floor heating systems.

In most modern home heating systems, the hot water from the boiler is piped to the baseboard units containing fin-tubes. These baseboard units are mounted on the wall. The hot air is distributed in the rooms by convection method as the cool air is heated by the wall-mounted baseboard unit. The fuel for the boiler can be natural gas, propane gas, fuel oil or electricity. Whether steel radiators or fin-tube baseboard units are used, the major benefits of such systems are the energy efficiency, noiseless heating system and close monitoring and control of the temperature.

At the same time, some of the disadvantages with these systems are the slow increase in room temperature after the boiler is fired and the requirement of separate duct working for air conditioning distribution systems for cooling the rooms in summer. The baseboard radiation and convection units should not be obstructed by furniture, drapes, etc ass this prevents proper distribution of heat.

The radiant heating system is another comfortable and natural home heating system used widely. Most systems use hot water tubing under the floor. The hot water tubes are embedded directly below the surface of the floor. The hot water is produced by a boiler fuelled by natural gas, propane gas, fuel oil or electricity. The convection and radiation system is also used for this type of heating service.

One major problem in both these popular home heating systems is the quality of water used in the systems. In most places, the water that is available for such heating systems contains various salts and minerals that form scales in the water pipes and also corrode the pipes over a period of time. Because of this, it becomes imperative that proper corrosion inhibitors are added to the water to reduce or avoid the corrosion of the pipes, the radiators and the boiler itself. Further, most boiler manufacturers specifically mention that the warranty provided for the boiler will not be covered if the inhibitor is not added to the water.

At 24hour-plumberslondon.co.uk our heating services  include power flushing in addition to inhibitor to make your home heating system cost effective. Regular yearly maintenance by our Gas Safe registered engineers is also a must to keep the central heating system safe and cost effective.

Our heating services, as with all our other plumbing services, do not incur any callout charges, regardless of what area of Central London you live. We cover all areas of Central London including Islington, Marylebone, Chelsea, Westminster, Holborn and Kensington. Give us a call now and we will be delighted to answer any questions you may have regarding our heating services.