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Boiler service from 90.00 + VAT. Call or email our team now for a costing.

Gas boilers and gas appliances in general such as natural gas cookers and fires make modern day living a lot cleaner and easier for us all. At the flick of a switch we can have instant heat on a cold wet winters night after a long hard day at work. However, the gas appliances we have come to rely on can also be very dangerous to our health and safety if they are not maintained properly.

The manufacturers of all gas boilers recommend that you should have your gas boiler serviced at least once a year. They recommend this for many good reasons. For example, if your gas boiler is serviced regularly, it will operate safely and more efficiently. This will not only mean that you and your family will be safe and warm, but an efficiently working gas boiler will use substantially less gas, which will result in a reduction of your energy bills.

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