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Boiler service from 90.00 + VAT. Call or email our team now for a costing.

Heating plumbing is a highly delicate work that should only be carried out by qualified and experienced, expert engineers and technicians. They should be well-versed in all types of boiler makes, both old and the latest makes and models of all boilers. They should excel in different types of heating plumbing jobs like boiler repairs, boiler maintenance, boiler servicing, boiler replacement, boiler upgrades, burst pipes, leaks, burst tanks, burst cylinders, central heating maintenance, burst radiators, burst boilers, rehang radiators, leaking radiator valves, power flushing off central heating systems, blocked toilets, Leaking toilets, sinks, baths, faulty waste disposal units, faulty heating controls, thermostats and time clocks.

One major difference in the above mentioned types of heating plumbing jobs is that the actual work involved varies widely for domestic heating plumbing and commercial heating plumbing. Central heating in homes is usually limited in scope, while commercial buildings require central heating systems that run up to a few hundred tons in capacity and over a larger area.

At 24hour-plumberslondon.co.uk, our engineers and technicians have been trained to install, maintain and repair heating plumbing systems in homes, commercial buildings and even industrial establishments with the utmost of care to keep the heating and plumbing systems unobtrusive as much as possible, without violating safety measures and regulations.

Boiler, radiator and piping installation, maintenance and repairs can be awkward and troublesome jobs in both home and commercial buildings. The personnel involved in such assignments should be conversant with the minor differences in the designs of various reputable boiler manufacturers of United Kingdom, such as Ariston, Biasi, Chaffoteaux and Maury, Heat Line, Ideal, Keston Boilers, Potterton, Saunier Duval, Viessmann, Vokera, Worcester, Glow-worm, Vaillant, Ferroli, Baxi, Dimplex and others.

Furthermore, the fault diagnosis of boilers and radiators involve intimate knowledge of mechanical, electrical and fuel-related aspects. Unless the technicians are conversant with all these aspects, they will never be able to carry out proper installation, maintenance and repair of heating plumbing work in any home or commercial building in Central London.

This is one area where we pay a lot of attention to compared to our competitors in heating plumbing services in Central London. We not only select and employ engineers and technicians with right qualifications and experience in boilers, radiators, plumbing and piping work but also train them at frequent intervals to update them on the latest changes and developments in boiler design. Our personnel also concentrate on improving the fuel efficiency of the boilers and the heating efficiency of the radiators and piping work to give you maximum results at minimum costs. We are very strict in that we will only ever use high quality materials and never compromise on quality. This can at times make our estimates somewhat costlier than fly-by-night heating plumbing operators but we are confident that our customers know the risks of cheap estimates that cost them much more in the long run and not only in terms of money but also in terms of personal health risks, stress and annoyance.

Even a minor gas leakage in a gas-fired boiler or a small spark at the wrong place in an oil-fired boiler can make the difference between life and death in your home or office. That is why we refuse requests to lower our estimates if they involve compromising on quality. In some instance this has caused us to lose a potential customers job but in our many years of experience in providing heating plumbing services in Central London that it simply does not pay either us or the customer, to compromise our high standards of workmanship just to get every job. Many times customers who had opted for the lower estimates subsequently returned to us as the substandard plumbing company who gave them the “to good to be true” low estimate provide bad workmanship that we had to put right. It genuinely does not pay to employ rogue companies, they will cost you more in the long run for whatever heating plumbing service they provide you with.