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Gas boilers require regular inspection and at least one thorough gas boiler service a year carried out by a qualified engineer with experience in all types of gas boilers. Using an inexperienced or unqualified gas boiler service engineer could have catastrophic consequences for you and your family. 

The incomplete combustion that usually occurs in all gas appliances including gas boilers leads to the emission of carbon monoxide as a byproduct. Inhaling carbon monoxide by humans can be fatal as was highlighted recently by the unfortunate death of a newly wed bride from England who died due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

This unfortunate incident of carbon monoxide poisoning in the UK was most likely caused by a faulty gas boiler. What caused the boiler to become faulty was probably down to the gas boiler not being serviced properly or there not being any gas boiler service performed at all.

Having your gas boiler serviced regularly is very important but what is equally important is ensuring that the gas engineer who carries out your gas boiler service is qualified registered with Gas Safe. If you have any doubts on this important issue, you should ask the gas engineer for they are registered with Gas Safe and then check their credentials on the Gas Safe website, www.gassaferegister.co.uk. All 24 Hour Plumbers London gas service engineers are registered with Gas Safe.

Gas boilers have more parts, controls and valves than normal forced air furnaces. Most high quality gas boilers supplied by reputable manufacturers are highly reliable and safe, however, they still need a gas boiler service at least once a year. The normal problems that occur in a gas boiler are related to the water circulation pumps and the expansion tank. Without regular service, your gas boiler will developed problems causing your boiler not to function at its full efficiency level which could lead to your gas bill can increasing.

Even though our Gas Safe registered engineers are highly trained and experienced in the proper maintenance, repair and service of your gas boiler, you should also be aware of certain basic problems that occur in gas boilers and the possible causes for such issues.

1)  Your gas boiler is not producing any heat. The possible reasons can be the;
- The boiler could be unable to produce power due to tripping of a circuit breaker or a blown fuse.
- The thermostat in the boiler could be malfunctioning.
- The water level in the boiler is lower than the required minimum quantity, which is half full.
- The electric burner or pilot ignition is malfunctioning.

2) The Boiler is producing inadequate heat and the heating performance is very poor. The causes can be that;
- The water level is proper is below the minimum level if the change in the heating performance is sudden.
- The boiler and heat exchanger are clogged by mineral deposits if the change in the heating performance varies gradually.

3) The expansion tank contains more water and less air. The expansion tank should be charged properly with adequate air so that the water in the system is prevented from boiling too much and exceeding the standard pressure of 12 PSI.

4) Water leaks around the boiler. The possible reasons can be that;
- The circulator pump is faulty.
- The pressure relief valve has become defective or ineffective.
- The water pipe connection has developed a leak.

5) All your radiators are not heating up to required levels. The causes can be that;
- The air in pipe line is trapped.
- The air in the radiator is trapped, making the top of the radiator cooler than the bottom.
- The circulator or the zone valve is faulty.

6) The pipes are making considerable noise. The reasons can be that;
- The circulator has developed a fault.
- The water is getting trapped in the return pipe lines.

From the problems outlined above and their possible causes, it is clear that almost all of these problems require the attention of an expert gas boiler service engineer and to try fix any of these problems yourself is unwise and most certainly dangerous.

Please contact us rather than tackle any of these faults yourself and we will dispatch one of our many qualified gas engineers who will call to your home and solve any problem you are experiencing with your boiler in a safe and efficient manner. Once our engineer has called to your home you can relax in the knowledge that you have had a thorough and safe gas boiler service.